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Enhance signal coverage for better inbound and outbound communication

Cell signal boosters strengthen an existing cell signal and are great for many situations including:

  • Ensuring students and faculty can receive important text alerts across campus

  • Ensuring patients have the ability to communicate with doctors, staff, and family

  • Ensuring employees can close important deals without worrying about dropped calls

  • Ensuring residents or tenants are able to make calls in the comfort of their condo or apartment



Poor cell signal can be a result of one of two things - poor strength or poor quality of the signal. 

What Causes a Weak or Noisy Signal?

1. Inter-cell interference - when a building is positioned equal-distance between two or more towers, other towers can interfere with the signal. This is a common problem in suburban and urban settings.

2. Distance - the farther away a building is from a cell tower, the long the signal must travel to reach you. If you are located in a rural area, this may be a common cause of a weak signal.

3. Building material or construction - buildings that use materials such as concrete make it more difficult for cell signals to penetrate. This is especially common is healthcare facilities, schools, and condominiums.  

4. Geography - buildings can also block cell signals from reaching other buildings. This is a common problem in urban settings with may high rise buildings. 


Cell signal boosters can combat poor strength and quality using three parts:

1. Outside antenna - captures the existing signal from the cell tower 

2. Amplifier - receives the weak signal and boosts it to provide a stronger signal 

3. Inside antenna  - broadcasts the amplified signal across the building or campus

Click below to see one of our suppliers in action

Powernet - Florida Senior Community



If you are interested in purchasing a cell booster, but have doubts if they really work, have no fear. All cell boosters must be tested and certified by the Federal Communication Commission to provide assurances to buyers that booster works and does not cause any harmful interference to the existing cellular network.

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