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As we enter  a new phase in the reopening of the country there are new safety concerns. With employees heading back to work and children heading back to school larger gatherings are to be expected. With thermal monitoring offices, schools, and healthcare facilities can open up while keeping safety a top priority.

Thermal monitoring is a quick and easy way to care for anyone entering your premise. We have multiple solution levels for businesses ranging from standalone kiosks to fully-integrated systems that through the use of AI can quickly scan entrants and alert the necessary personal as needed. 

Our suppliers offer:

  • No disruption to the entrant (removal of mask/hat/etc)

  • PPE compliance validation

  • Thermal reading can be done in <1 second 

  • Temperature is accurate within ±0.5°F

  • Systems starting

    at $3,200

  • Systems can be IT integrated or not depending on your needs

  • Facial

    recognition supported 


Please be aware that some solutions require an installation period and due to popular demand there may be a delay. Get in touch today to receive your quote as soon as possible!


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